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Multimedia Studios in Washington, DC USA

Monitor Studios is an independent journalism & voice recording facility in center city Washington, near the White House.  Live IP Comrex / ISDN feeds & FTP digital recordings for news and talk show interviews, podcasts, voiceovers, audio books, narrations, ADR film corrections.  Worldwide video studios & mobile live locations through Feature Story News.

 Field recording - Syncs - Double Enders

Two Studios in Washington

Comrex IP, ISDN, Adobe Audition, U-87, RE-20, MD441u, Me80-K3U, PMD 660     


Monitor Studios at Feature Story News

1730 Rhode Island Ave NW #405

Washington, DC 20036-3133 

(Mirrored second entrance at "1717" M St NW)

One - three blocks from Farragut North or DuPont Circle (red) & Farragut West (blue, orange, & silver) line Metro stations.
Connecticut Ave Metrobus lines on the corner & other K St lines two blocks.
Taxi Guidelines: Across from St. Matthews, HRC, NGS, Brooks Brothers, & Tiny Jewel Box



Monitor Studios

Monitor Studios at Feature Story News

1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 405
Washington, DC 20036-3133